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Click here to watch Stephen Colbert discuss America’s uninformed opinions on Ukraine on last night’s episode of The Report.


HIMYM FINALE SPOILER - SPINOFF THEORY: So the spinoff is How I Met Your Father and the star has already been cast - Greta Gerwig. In the HIMYM finale - the mother of Barney’s child was only referred to as 31. I saw multiple people on Twitter say that Barney is probably the father in the spinoff. That sounds about exactly right. 

The showrunners will deny it all along, just like they denied that Robin and Ted would end up together. Yeah, yeah, now they’ll say that they only said Robin wasn’t the mother, but they quite clearly - in many interviews - tried to kill off the idea that Robin and Ted end up together ever. 

In this case of the spinoff, if it’s not Barney - who gives a damn?

If they go and find someone incredible to be with Greta’s character - we’ll reserve loving that dude, because we’ll assume the showrunners will ruin it in some way (death, divorce, etc).

So there you have it. Barney’s the father. 

Why the HIMYM ending didn’t work for me…

It’s *not* about wanting a happy ending. Ted is a guy who wants kids but the “love of his life” doesn’t want them. So the writers gave him another woman who gives him kids - and is a far better match for him than Robin, btw - and then she dies. Fine, life isn’t fair. I can accept her death.

But to go back to Robin? That’s where you lose me.

Tracy specifically encouraged Ted to not get stuck in his memories. And by returning - with a blue French horn - to a Robin who has reverted back to the place in her life where she has too many dogs to handle in a small NYC apt - he’s very specifically dishonoring the relationship he had with Tracy. 

So that’s what bothered me about the HIMYM finale. It’s not about needing a happy ending or that real life isn’t fair. It’s about staying true to character. And I think Ted Mosby would have honored the love of his life by following her advice.



Too ridiculous

Too ridiculously awesome.



Too ridiculous

Too ridiculously awesome.


I learned how to drink champagne a while ago. But the way I like to drink champagne is I like to make what we call a Montana Cooler, where you buy a case of champagne and you take all the bottles out, and you take all the cardboard out, and you put a garbage bag inside of it, then you put all the bottles back in and then you cover it with ice, and then you wrap it up and you close it. And that will keep it all cold for a weekend and you can drink every single bottle. And the way I like to drink it in a big pint glass with ice. I fill it with ice and I pour the champagne in it, because champagne can never be too cold. And the problem people have with champagne is they drink it and they crash with it, because the sugar content is so high and you get really dehydrated. But if you can get the ice in it, you can drink it supremely cold and at the same time you’re getting the melting ice, so it’s like a hydration level, and you can stay at this great level for a whole weekend. You don’t want to crash. You want to keep that buzz, that bling, that smile.

Man, we could’ve used this last night.


The Society of the Crossed Keys


How many people are actually in the Grimm Fandom? I feel like it barely exists.. Reblog/like/whatever if you do! It would be lovely to meet some new faces for such an awesome show :)


I think the Grimmdom hangs out on Twitter on Friday nights…but I would like to see more on Tumblr